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Empire Water Polo Foundation

Welcome to Empire Water Polo Foundation, where we're on a mission to transform lives through the power of water polo. We believe that every young athlete deserves the opportunity to thrive both in and out of the pool. With your support, we're creating a lasting impact by providing access to this incredible sport, fostering personal growth, and opening doors to educational and athletic achievements.

Our Vision: Building Pathways to Success

Our vision is clear: we're building pathways to success for aspiring water polo athletes. By breaking down barriers and championing inclusivity, we're ensuring that talent and determination, not financial circumstances, determine a player's journey. Your contribution fuels our commitment to nurturing the next generation of water polo stars, enabling them to excel in their sport and pursue higher education.

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New Local Camps With Olympians and Star D1 Athletes! Stay tuned!

Transforming Communities Through Sport

At Empire Water Polo Foundation, we know that the benefits of sports extend far beyond the playing field. Water polo empowers our youth with essential life skills—discipline, teamwork, leadership—while fostering a sense of belonging and pride. Your support enables us to transform communities, one athlete at a time, by providing a safe and supportive environment where potential thrives.

Empowerment Through Access and Opportunities

We're driven by the belief that every child, regardless of their background, should have access to quality sports programs that empower their journey. With your generous contributions and grants, we're able to offer scholarships, create coaching resources, and establish partnerships that bring water polo to underserved areas. Together, we're leveling the playing field and paving the way for dreams to be realized.

Join the Movement: Invest in Water Polo Excellence

Empire Water Polo Foundation is more than a program—it's a movement to create a brighter future through sport. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey by investing in water polo excellence. Your donation or grant directly impacts our ability to provide resources, scholarships, and opportunities that shape the lives of young athletes. Join us today in building a legacy of achievement and empowerment that ripples through generations.




Empire Water Polo Foundation is dedicated to shaping the future of young athletes through the dynamic sport of water polo. We provide access, resources, and opportunities that empower athletes to excel in both their athletic endeavors and educational pursuits.

With a focus on inclusivity, community impact, and personal growth, we're committed to transforming lives and building pathways to success. Through scholarships, coaching support, and outreach initiatives, we're creating a lasting legacy of achievement and empowerment within the world of water polo.

Join us in our mission to make a difference and propel water polo excellence forward.

Introduction to local clubs

Find Local Swim and Water Polo Programs in the Inland Empire.

College Prep

Prepare your student for college, ensure NCAA requirements are on track to be completed and that you are eligible for recruitment.


Focus on Injury Prevention, Plyometric Training and maintaining a growth mindset.

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